What My Practice Does

****Please Note:

Due to personal health issues, Dr. Stritter is no longer taking new cases.

My practice is telephone-based. You send me your medical records and then we have a phone appointment—the first one typically takes about two hours.

• Ensures that you receive the highest quality health care (“highest quality” being defined by you, not me)

• Aims for truly optimal, comprehensive, no stone left unturned, pull-out-all-the-stops health care

It involves:

• Staying up to date on the latest advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment (I attend 3 or 4 breast cancer conferences every year and read the cancer medical literature voraciously)

• Presenting your specific case to national and international experts to get their opinions

• If desired, referral to local or national oncologists who are more closely aligned to your health and life priorities

• Making sure no stone is left unturned, particularly when your oncologist is running out of treatment ideas or is not thorough in explaining ALL of your options

• Helping design a maintenance program that minimizes your chance of cancer recurrence

• Informing you of complementary and alternative medicine approaches that have objective evidence of effectiveness