About Gwen

So what is a former anesthesiologist/pain medicine specialist doing writing a breast cancer blog?

Good question.

The short answer: for the past 10 years, I have helped many find their way through the breast cancer maze. There are too many times folks have told me “If only I had known…”  You can find my credentials here.

I love giving talks in my neighborhood, the San Francisco Bay Area, so I know men and women are hungry for patient-centered information. My talks take an hour but then I usually spend two hours answering questions (if they don’t kick us out for running overtime first). I truly love being able to impart knowledge that will encourage deeper discussions between breast cancer patients and breast cancer health professionals.

While I love to share my knowledge, I am not big on writing. So don’t expect to see a shiny new post every day or even every week. But I am big on talking, listening and answering questions. That’s why I will periodically post 5 minutes talks on 411 in 5. I also host a weekly teleconference where I field all breast cancer questions for 30 – 60 minutes – check out the schedule at my Q&A Calendar.

The teleconferences will be free but I will accept donations. I will be very picky about the donations I will accept. You see, it is imperative that I avoid any and all conflicts of interest. So I will be unable to accept donations from any corporation or for-profit entity – only individual donations will be accepted.

So, onward!


This page last modified on October 25, 2011.